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Umber Frame Studio takes pride in its expert team of interior designers who are can be better labeled as the magicians. They work their magic into every space they step into. We have got raving reviews and immensely positive feedback from our clientele.

Our company strives for customer satisfaction. We understand that every space comes with its own characteristics and every client has a very unique vision for their space. Combining the two makes a perfect amalgamation of transformation and reformation.

Our prices are competitive and execution is swift. Give us a try and share your journey with us.


To become the Ultimate Design Destination At Umber Frame Studio, we strive to achieve perfection in design through innovation & creativity. We truly believe that whether it’s a first house, or a café, or even a commercial space, it’s got emotional aspirations attached to it. Hence, we give our clients what they not only expect, but also try to achieve emotional satisfaction.


We boast of proficient designers catering to all your design needs and renovating and reinventing your space to make it special and truly yours. Our work methodology is very simple. We give clients what they want. We render our services not only in knowledge and expertise, but also make sure that the work & execution follow smooth. We transform, create, decorate and get the desired results.

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Ravi Tambat

Ravi Tambat

CEO & Founder
Pallavii Tambat

Pallavii Tambat

Managing Director


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