Residential Design

Living Area Design

We craft homes to reflect your individuality, style and persona. We understand that a home is built with love, and that’s exactly what we strive to achieve. Our experts will mold your vision into reality.

At Umber Frame Studios we aim to design handcrafted spaces which will fit well with your personality and style. We have a stringent process of conceptualization where we work with your inputs and contrive an idea of how your space would look. We constantly upgrade our models with your feedback. Our top architects craft your living area designs with the utmost perfection !

Kitchen Area Design

A kitchen is the heart of any household. It’s the central hub of the home ecosystem and we at Umber Frame Studio understand this better than anybody else. It’s our constant endeavour to design a wholesome cooking, serving and storage space which will cater to the entire family’s needs. The design mavericks of our team frame spacious and well rounded kitchens which are affordable as well as practical.

Bedroom Area Design

Your bedroom is a place of solace. It’s your den, your own personal haven, where you spend the most important moments of your day. Umber Frame Studio takes care of this personal space by treating it with utmost patience and vigilance. The designs of your bedroom are crafter carefully keeping in mind the ambience and tones. We make sure this space is nothing less than perfection !

Kids Room Design

Your kids require a space which will fuel their physical as well as mental growth. Umber Frame Studio will design your kids room with utmost creativity and enthusiasm as possible. We will make sure we create a nourishing environment where your kids will prosper and grow. The adults of tomorrow need the best start they can get, today !

Balcony Area Design

A balcony is a place to relax and unwind after a long day of work. You need a cozy space, where you can simmer down and feel the cool breeze or observe the fresh rain. Umber Frame Studio can give a modern artistic touch to this place which will enhance your experience by many folds. Just sit back and let us work our magic.

False Ceiling design

People decorate and upgrade every inch of their space, every wall and every floor. But there is one surface which people seldom give any attention to – it’s the ceiling. We, at Umber Frame Studio craft beautiful and ceiling designs which are sure to distinguish your space from other and set it a class apart.