3 BHK Prestige Misty Water


DateSeptember 2018
LocationBengaluru, Hebbal
ClientSudarshan, Bengaluru

The luxury apartment with all the amenities. The project has been designed as per the requirement of the Mr.Sudarshan. All products are premium and high end what has been used in client house, most challenging part of the house was the living and dining which has to be combined to give a premium and luxury look and after a couple of proposals, we achieved it. complete house is automated with light, door lock, sliding curtain. The complete project was on time and fun to do, we had a great time taking a client around the store for a selection of a loose furniture and a decor item. The client had a great selection and our team helped in selecting the decor as per the theme. kids room or you can say a princess room which is outstanding with the colour theme and a outstanding floral ceiling design.